121 Monthly or Weekly Online Coaching Support

Expanding upon your accomplishments and goals achieved in the 12-week health and wellness plan, we now provide maintenance support.

Continue your wellness journey with our Exclusive 121 Monthly and Weekly Coaching Services for continued support and guidance.

What’s Included in Your 121 Monthly Online Coaching Service:

Personalised Maintenance Plan: Tailored to your evolving wellness needs for enduring success.

Goal Refinement Sessions: Collaborative sessions for continuous refinement and setting new wellness goals.

Lifestyle Integration Strategies: Practical tips to seamlessly incorporate wellness goals into your daily life for long-term adherence.

Ongoing Nutritional Guidance: Personalised advice adapting to your changing lifestyle and preferences.

Sustainable Fitness Plans: Access custom fitness plans designed for sustained results, keeping workouts fresh and enjoyable.

Holistic Well-being Check-ins: Engage in holistic discussions covering mental, emotional, and physical aspects for comprehensive support.

Useful Resources: Monthly delivery of informative resources to support your journey and enhance existing knowledge.

Monthly Client Recipe Pack: Enjoy monthly healthy, tasty, nutritional recipes suitable for all dietary needs.

Weekly Online Support:

Tailored for Short-Term Goals:

  • Weekly Goal Setting: Set and review short-term goals every week, ensuring continuous progress and motivation.
  • Nutritional Adjustments: Receive weekly tips to keep your eating habits aligned with evolving goals.
  • Workout Variations: Enjoy new workout ideas weekly, ensuring diversity and sustained engagement in your fitness routine.
  • Useful Resources: Weekly informative resources to support your journey and enhance existing knowledge.
Additional Perks, Regardless of Your Choice:
  • Flexible 1:1 Contact: Daily options for the support you need, precisely when you need it.
  • Enhanced App Integration: Elevate your tracking experience with added features on our app, including real-time progress updates, food uploads, hydration and meal reminders, and direct messaging with your coach.
  • Monthly & Weekly Wellness Assessments: Participate in regular assessments to track your overall wellness journey and make proactive adjustments.

Embark on our monthly or weekly coaching services, offering continuous support and guidance tailored to your wellness journey—whether for short-term goals or long-term maintenance.

Let’s continue this journey together for sustained wellness.

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