What does the 30-Minute Discovery Call consist of?

Our 30-minute discovery call gives us a chance to get to know each other and learn more about your health and wellness goals. You will learn all about our methods and what we offer and find out whether they suit your needs. A good way to feel our vibe!

This can be booked through our website just click on the link and it will direct you to our booking page.

How do I arrange an Initial Consultation?
Get in touch and we can book you in for a 60-minute Initial Consultation, before your Initial Consultation with us we send you a Kaur Aura Health Assessment form to fill in and send back before we see you, so we can get some understanding of your background, history and health and wellness goals.

(Please note all clients require an Initial Consultation before joining a Program)

What happens at the Initial Consultation?

Your consultation will consist of an analysis of your nutritional and health assessment form and your current lifestyle. We look at how foods fit in with exercise, family, and work commitments, and we identify also conscious and subconscious eating patterns. We then calculate using your nutritional assessment form, a rough daily caloric intake that you are currently having and compare this number to your actual daily caloric needs based on your height, weight, and activity level. We will compare the balance of food groups and fluid intake and identify healthier alternatives for foods consumed regularly. We discuss with you the benefits of proper hydration and the risks of dehydration.

You will learn about the nutritional value of foods as well as other learning opportunities. We will also discuss your wellness and well-being goals, discussing a variety of ways to nurture your soul on a daily!

Following this, together we will formulate an action plan based on your individual objectives, that links to our findings from your analysis and goals that will set you on the path to achieving your overall long-term health goals. 

(Please note that due to some health reasons we may need a GP clearance note confirming you can join a Program)

What happens after the Initial Consultation?

Moving forward, if you’re content to navigate your health journey independently based on the understandings from the initial consultation – fantastic! Do what brings joy to your soul!

However, if you aspire to further enhance your experience and seek ongoing support from Kaur Aura for your health goals, consider our 12-week Nutrition and Wellness Plan, which is our most popular offering. This plan involves personalised 1:1 support to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Explore more details on our website. Additionally, we provide other shorter-term plans. Feel free to reach out to discover more.

What is the Nutritional App you work with your clients through?
Nutrium is a nutritional app where we do all our communications with our clients. It is a free online tool that enables our clients to contact their coach, make appts, document their food diaries, track their progress with their goals, receive alerts, and meal plans, and have access to recipe ideas.
Am I tied into any contract for the 121 Monthly Coaching?
No not at all! When you join us on 121 Monthly Coaching you are free to cancel at any time, you are not tied to any contract. Get in touch with your coach if you no longer require 121 Coaching.
What type of support would I receive with my health and wellness goals if I signed up for 121 Monthly Coaching?
You receive lots of 121 support from your Health and Wellness Coach who will be working with you on your individual goals, from daily contact, and weekly 121 reviews, you are able to contact your coach regularly for support and guidance. You can also have regular discussions and communications with your coach through our Nutritional App Nutrium when you sign up for 121 Monthly Coaching. As well as 121 Coaching you receive plenty of resources to help you with your goals, from our Kaur Aura monthly Recipe packs to our Kaur Aura Resources and tools that can help you too.
How can I contact my Health and Wellness Coach if I have a question about my plan?
Once you are on a Program with us there are many ways in which you can contact your coach. Through the Nutrium App, you can message or arrange an appt with your coach. You can also contact your coach through email, WhatsApp, or phone call whatever suits you! Your Coach will happily contact you and answer any questions you may have.

Call us now on 07548851784 or email us at info@kauraura.co.uk or alternatively book your Initial Consultation online.