“After just one consultation, Kaur Aura inspired me to make some simple but healthy changes in my life. I wasn’t particularly struggling with anything but knew I wanted to talk things through with someone. Satveer was so lovely, patient and understanding. When I left, I had a real buzz and excitement for the next step in my journey. I was amazed by the care and effort put into my report and I’m so grateful for her advice. If you’re looking for guidance in any aspect of your life, I can’t recommend Kaur Aura more.”


“I started this journey to understand how the right diet and exercise plan would help me with gaining more weight and strengthen my immune system. Kaur Aura has been awesome, I felt supported, accepted and more importantly they were very understanding with what my needs were. I needed quite a bit of reassurance at the beginning as I was anxious about starting this journey specially when it came to working out and following a new meal plan. I was given full control and was free to take things at my own pace. Kaur Aura was always there to suggest alternatives, make amendments to the current plans and encourage me daily. What you get with Kaur Aura isn’t just a fitness/lifestyle coach but someone who cares about your journey and someone who is passionate in making sure you achieve your goal so that at the end of the plan you are happy with your end results in mind, body, and soul. Thank you for your help”

Katrina. B

“Currently I am in my second pregnancy third trimester, after my first pregnancy I gained a lot of weight and was feeling very low in mood due to having a lockdown baby. Kaur aura helped me get my body back in shape, as well as that I got my mind right with the help of Satveer at Kaur Aura. I would 100% recommend Kaur Aura to anyone and everyone, I am already prepping to use them after this pregnancy too!! Even if you want to know more, they do a free discovery call that you can discuss the services further before you commit!”

Sharun. K

“Thank you so much for Kaur Aura for my 6-week plan, wow the transformation has been amazing!! The recipes given were so easy to follow and quick to prepare, being a mum can be quite full on and you feel like you lack time but having simple healthy recipes really helps. Also, Sat has given me fantastic training, so I physically and mentally feel stronger and at peace with myself.

Having Baby Jasmine has been the best change ever to my life however your body really changes after pregnancy, but Sat has helped me bounce back within such a small-time scale! I would defo recommend her to friends and family great health and wellness coach!”

Jas. K

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